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Original Bird Art /
Bird Paintings & Drawings

Oils, Acrylics & Pencils

Waiting, wildlife painting by Maria Abeyesekere
friends, wildlife drawing by Maria Abeyesekere
Eagle drawing by Maria Abeyesekere

Bird art is a wonderful way to bring the beauty of nature into your everyday life. Whether it's a vivid painting of a majestic hawk or a delicate drawing of a colourful hummingbird, bird art has a magical way of connecting us to the natural world. Artists who have a deep love for nature often excel at capturing the essence of these beautiful creatures, bringing them to life on canvas or paper. Having bird art in your home or office can create a serene and harmonious environment, making your space a peaceful retreat where you can be transported to the tranquility of the great outdoors simply by admiring these intricate creations. So next time you see a stunning piece of bird art, take a moment to appreciate the artist's skill and the graceful beauty of the avian world they have captured.

Available Bird Art

Oil and Acrylic Paintings & Drawings

All these drawings come varnished and professionally framed 

Bird Art Commissions

Looking for custom bird art commissions? Contact me if you are interested in getting a painting or drawing of a bird that you love. You can choose the size and medium of your choice to create a unique and personalized piece of art. Whether you want a colorful watercolor painting of a hummingbird or a detailed pencil drawing of an eagle, I can bring your vision to life. Let's work together to create a beautiful piece of bird art that you will treasure for years to come. Contact me today to discuss your ideas and get started on your custom bird art commission.

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