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Original Flower Paintings& Botanical Art

Dahlia the Summer Beauty by Maria Abeyesekere

Oil Paintings on Canvas

inclusive of Certificate of Authenticity

Worldwide delivery

Original flower paintings are like windows to a world where elegance and beauty converge effortlessly. Flowers have this magical ability to resonate with our emotions, holding our hands through both the joyful and challenging moments in life. They are more than just nature's delicate creations; they are symbols of love, hope, and tranquility. That's why people are drawn to stop and admire the beauty of a flower, making flower paintings everlasting in the art world. The allure of a flower painting lies in its power to bring a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space it inhabits, transforming it into a sanctuary of beauty and grace.

Recently Completed

Dahlia the Summer Beauty

23.5"x35.5" Oil on Canvas


Original small flower paintings available for sale

 30x40cm Oil on canvas / varnished (April 2024)

All these paintings come professionally framed and inclusive of Certificate of Authenticity

Purple Beauties by Maria Abeyesekere

Purple Beauties

30x40cm Oil on canvas


Purple beauty frame
pinks & blues frame

Pinks & Blues

30x40 cm Oil on canvas


Evening glow frame

Evening Glow

30x40 cm Oil on Canvas


country roses

Country Roses

30x40 cm Oil on Canvas


white orchids

White Orchids

30x40 cm Oil on Canvas


Recently Sold

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