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Maria Abeyesekere painting

The Art of
Maria Abeyesekere

My art is inspired by the spirit of nature and its beauty. I believe that art has the power to shift our perspectives and transport us to a different place. Through my paintings, I strive to capture the unique beauty of the natural world and create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in your space and to inspire you to connect with wildlife and nature in a deeper way.


I believe that art is a powerful tool to share stories and emotions.

My home in Wild is an artist’s haven that is inspired by the beauty of nature and wildlife. As an artist, I am dedicated to capturing the beauty of the wild and bringing it into my art. Each piece I create is infused with the spirit of the wild and the unique color palette of nature. From the misty mountains to the lush greens, I bring to life the majestic beauty of the world and its creatures. My  passion is to bring the stunning beauty of nature to life on my canvas.

'Tiny', wildlife drawing by Maria Abeyesekere


 I love to capture moments in time with my brush and canvas. My passion for colour and texture is evident in my work. I have always been drawn to painting animals and nature, but I also have a special affinity for still life and floral paintings. I love to create large canvases full of vibrant flowers.


wild pinks, floral painting by Maria Abeyesekere
Daphne Girl- Pet portrait by Maria Abeyesekere

I have a deep love for pets and am always excited when I get the chance to immortalize them in my art. I strive to capture the true essence of each pet in my paintings, bringing out the unique personalities of each animal. Whether it’s a loyal companion, a beloved family member, or a cherished memory, I believe it’s important to honor our pets by creating a beautiful portrait that will last a lifetime. With my art, I hope to bring joy and happiness to everyone who sees it.

portion of our profits is donated to those in need, bringing smiles to those who need it most. With every purchase, you can be sure that you’re not only getting an amazing artwork, but also helping to make a difference.

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Eagle, pencil drawing of Maria Abeyesekere
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