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By Maria Abeyesekere

Maria Abeyesekere - Sri Lankan Artist
Coming for you - acrylic painting of Maria Abeyesekere
Egg Boiler, Still life painting by Maria Abeyesekere
Alone, Landscape painting by Maria Abeyesekere
Sun on Ice, Abstract by Maria Abeyesekere

There are award winning paintings among the ones for sale

Inclusive of Authenticity certificate

Home-made, Still life painting by Maria Abeyesekere
Dull Blue Flycatcher, Wildlife drawing by Maria Abeyesekere
abstract setting_edited.jpg

I create paintings with intricate details built layer upon layer in my very own techniques I have developed over the years to give a strong expression to your spaces with a statement of sophistication and refinement.

My finished artworks are executed in oils, acrylics & pencils that enhance the timeless beauty and quality of your home, office and lifestyle are crafted with only the finest professional archival materials and sprayed with varnish to protect the surface so that they may last in good condition for many generations to come. 


You can always discuss  the budget, size and medium you're interested in when commissioning a painting by me.

friends, bird drawing of Maria Abeyesekere

I live in the wilderness surrounded by wildlife and birds, especially elephants, deer, wild cats, wild water buffaloes, peacocks , butterflies to name a few. 

These Wildlife art are mostly of endemic wildlife of Sri Lanka and are created with careful observation and in detail with years of experimenting and improving my skills in creating a painting of realism.  I spend hours and hours outdoors when it comes to especially wildlife and landscapes.

Wildlife Paintings & Wildlife Drawings

  • Original WILDLIFE ART of realism with Authenticity certificate 

  • WILDLIFE ART commissions on canvas or paper

       Individual & corporate commissions as your requirement


Fine Art Commissions

Commissioning a unique painting from an accomplished artist is an important and meaningful luxury experience.

Maria is pleased to accept fine art painting commissions by private and public art collectors, art museums, corporate organizations, hotels.....etc.

Still life


Wildlife and birds

If the need arises abstracts

Portrait Commissions

Masterfully created portrait graces a one's space with love.

It's a great way to tell a story without saying a word

Schedule a consultation today to reserve your commission. 


Immerse yourself in art and get creative through a wide range of programs and resources for a variety of audiences.

Maria offers both online and live art workshops in English and Sinhala.

Contact for more details and subscribe to Maria's blog for art related articles


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Eagle, pencil drawing of Maria Abeyesekere
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