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Maria Abeyesekere: The Artistic Journey of a Sri Lankan Artist

Maria Abeyesekere, born and raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is a self-taught artist whose passion for art has been a driving force in her life. Over the past two decades, she has delighted her clients with unique and realistic works of art that showcase her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft.

A Family Legacy of Artistry

Maria's love for art and painting stems from her rich familial background. Both her paternal grandma and great grandma were artistically gifted, passing down their talents to her. Growing up, Maria was captivated by the artifacts and portraits of her ancestors painted by English artists during the colonial era, sparking her own artistic journey.


The Power of Observation in Art

Maria's artwork is a true testament to the power of observation. From a young age, she was enthralled by her father's bedtime stories, which ignited her imagination and honed her ability to observe the world around her. This keen eye for detail and beauty is evident in every piece she creates.

Following Her Dreams

Although art was always her true passion, Maria initially pursued studies in business. It wasn't until she married and moved to the highlands to start a family that she fully embraced her artistic calling. Encouraged by her father's words to follow her dreams, Maria established her own home-based studio in the wilderness, where she now creates her works of art.


Skills & Talents

Maria Abeyesekere is a talented artist with a wide range of skills. She is known for her ability to work with various media, including oils, acrylics, and pencils. Her artwork ranges from small canvases to oversized pieces that can dominate an entire wall. Maria's primary focus is on wildlife and floral themes, but she is also commissioned for still life, landscapes, and portraits. Her art can be found in homes all over the world, including the USA, UK, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, and many more.

Early Success and Recognition

Maria Abeyesekere's journey as an artist began in 1990 when she won the Best Young Artist Award at a juried art competition in Colombo. This early recognition fueled her passion for art, leading to even greater achievements in the years to come. Maria's talent shone through when she received the Portrait of the Show award at an exhibition held in Germany in 1993, solidifying her status as a rising star in the art world.


International Acclaim and Invitations

Throughout her career, she has been juried into exhibitions. Maria has also been invited to represent her country at renowned art shows, showcasing her talent on a global stage. Her dedication and artistic prowess have earned her a reputation as a respected and accomplished artist in the international art community.

Spreading Inspiration Through Art

With each painting she completes, Maria continues to push the boundaries of her creativity and inspire others to pursue their own passions. Her unique style and attention to detail have earned her a loyal following of art enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty and emotion she conveys through her art.

Embracing Creativity in Every Stroke

Maria Abeyesekere's art is a reflection of her soulful connection to the world around her. Through her paintings, she captures the essence of life, love, and beauty in a way that resonates with viewers on a deep and personal level. Her commitment to her craft and dedication to creating meaningful art sets her apart as a truly exceptional artist.

Giving Back Through Art

Maria Abeyesekere firmly believes in the power of art to bring about positive change. She dedicates a portion of her earnings from art sales to various causes. By using her talent and creativity, Maria Abeyesekere contributes to making the world a better place for those in need.

Maria Abeyesekere's Artistic Journey

In conclusion, Maria Abeyesekere's journey as an artist is a true testament to the power of passion, dedication, and self-belief. Through her unique perspective and unwavering commitment to her craft, she has carved out a place for herself in the world of art and continues to inspire others with her captivating creations. Maria Abeyesekere is not just an artist; she is a storyteller, a dreamer, and a beacon of creativity in a world that can always use a little more beauty.

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What is Art?


"To me, art is a special sort of language and it is impossible to appreciate or begin to understand it unless one learns the rules of grammar & composition which painters employ.  It is a hard and demanding discipline to succeed in realism into a painting.  It needs devotion, patience and practice." - Maria Abeyesekere

Artist Maria Abeyesekere


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