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Photorealistic Pet Portrait Commissions

When you commission a portrait you are also helping to make a difference in the world. A portion of every sale is donated to help support a Sri Lankan child in need, so you can feel good knowing that you are giving back.

Affordable Prices so that everyone can enjoy a portrait of their fur baby

Daphne, Pet Portrait by Maria Abeyesekere

I understand that nothing compares to the special bond you share with your pet and I want to help you cherish that bond with a portrait that will last a lifetime.  I offer a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect portrait that will be a reminder of your friendship forever.

Commissions & Affordable Prices

Please note that these prices are lower than the prices I charge for the other subjects. Pets are a special part of my life too and that's why I want every pet owner to have a pet portrait of their much loved fur baby.

Commissions are taken from across the world. For inquiries, please contact me and I'll be happy to discuss the process with you in detail.

Photo Reference 

Some quality photos of  your pet (Cats, Dogs, horses ...etc) is needed to get a clear picture of the tiny details to create a lifelike [hyper-realistic or photorealistic] painting.


For portraits, the ideal reference would be a high resolution photo taken at eye level but not absolutely necessary. I will guide you in the process of selecting the right image for the job. Email me the photos as attachments.

Pet's Behavior

I have had pets all my life but still it is important for me to get to know yours to deliver you with a portrait that you'll love to hang on to.

Socky, Pet Portrait by Maria Abeyesekere


Once deciding on the final reference photo, size and the medium, a nonrefundable 30% deposit is necessary to proceed with the painting.

Completion of the painting takes about 3 to 5 weeks but it may vary depending on the size and the complexity. You will receive an email with a photo of the completed painting for your approval. Once the remaining balance has been transferred, delivery will be arranged. 



You will receive the painting well packed with a signed Authenticity certificate. 


While I'm based in Sri Lanka, I take commissions from around the world and courier charges for the larger sized canvases can be discussed before finalizing the job. 


Please note that orders sent outside Sri Lanka may incur customs charges/ import taxes upon delivering into your country. Buyers are responsible for any such customs & import taxes that may apply.  

Prices (US$)


These prices may vary accordance to medium, background and no. of animals.


Larger sized paintings are rolled up in a tube when shipping but if you need larger sizes also on stretched canvas, then contact me for delivery charges and availability.

Oil-and-Acrylic paintings on stretched canvas & Drawings up to 16"x20" inclusive of specialized packing & worldwide free delivery




Additional subject - add 20%

Pounds (£) Approx.












$314.00            257.75

$490.00           402.22


$550.00           451.47

$643.00           527.81


$960.00          788.02

$1705.00        1399.55


$2360.00        1937.21

$3278.00         2690.76


Additional subject - add $90

$287.00             235.58


$328.00             269.24

$759.00             369.38


Pounds (£) Approx.


Additional subject - add $70


$246.00              201.93


$290.00             238.05

$345.00             283.19


Pounds (£) Approx.

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